Dear Seattle Pain Center patient


As The Seattle Pain Centers has closed its doors, the company has an obligation to maintain and
distribute patient records as required by law. To accomplish this, The Seattle Pain Centers has
transferred the patient medical records to a new company, Pain Care Physicians and its management
company Anesis Spine & Pain Care. This new company will store and distribute your medical records
going forward. If you need to receive a copy of your Seattle Pain Center’s medical records, please
contact Anesis Spine & Pain Care.

Anesis Spine & Pain Care is a new clinic that will open to patients beginning November 28th, 2016. They are currently only seeing Medicare, Regence and Cigna patients. Anesis Spine & Pain Care is in the process of adding most major insurances in Washington State and will be accepting patients with other insurances as contracting gets completed. If you are looking for a new medical provider, Anesis Spine & Pain Care may be a good choice to consider.


Anesis Spine & Pain Care – Renton
801 S.W. 16th St. suite #121
Renton, WA 98057
Phone (206) 538-6300 Fax (206) 538-6301

Anesis Spine & Pain Care – Spokane
1414 N. Vercler Rd. bldg. #5
Spokane, WA 99216
Phone (206) 538-6300 Fax (206) 538-6301

For former Seattle Pain Centers patients with billing questions. Please call (206) 922-7904

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